Welcome to Alice Academy[M E S H]

This is just a [M E S H] of the anime and other art work found on the internet. I DO NOT OWN any of these images AT ALL. This Description is off the internet, it's the best way to describe Alice Academy.... Best friends Mikan and Hotaru grew up in a small town in the remote countryside. When Hotaru moves to a school for geniuses in Tokyo, Mikan misses Hotaru so badly that she decides to travel to Tokyo herself to find Hotaru. She finds Hotaru in a school called "Alice Academy," and finds that the school is actually for people with special powers called "Alices." Narumi-sensei, a teacher at the school, discovers that Mikan also happens to have an Alice, and Mikan is admitted into the academy. At first, she becomes enemies with a boy with a fire alice but later becomes friends throughout the anime. There she finds friends, love, and a life that she will never forget. updates will be almost every day.... I'm uploading these form the website onemanga.com SO I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE!!!


Feb 19 2010 12:35 pm

Alice Academy[M E S H] launches!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of Alice Academy[M E S H]! Comics coming soon!

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